Esthex (Belgium, 2003) - a charming world of cuddly friends loved by kids and grownups.

It was many years ago when Esther met Sofie. She existed as a drawing, very well hidden away in her parents attic.

Esther felt inspired by the humor and simplicity and took the drawing, which she made when she was four years old, downstairs. Sofie was a model for the first Esthex doll and this was only the beginning of creating a whole family of dolls and friendly animals. Some characters like to play a musical tune, others like to entertain around the cradle or pram and some just like hanging around with the little ones.


At first she made all dolls herself, then got in contact with a social workplace in her hometown where the dolls were made for four years.


Now, since 2008, they all come by boat from Thailand where they are made in a workplace with ICTI certificate, meaning they provide good workingconditions for their employees. All products are made by hand or sewingmachine and are sold worldwide from childrens boutiques to lifestyle stores.


Every Esthex product is made of soft and cuddly fabric and many dolls and animals have long, thin legs that invite children - even the smallest baby hands - to hold and play.